Wondering how to help support our parish?


There are three ways to make a financial gift:


Preauthorized payments (PAP), which is a monthly or twice-monthly (your choice) withdrawal from your bank account. This is a service  provided by the diocese; our envelope secretary, Sandra Lamoureux (sandra.l.lamoureux@gmail.com), is the contact for this process.


Write the church a cheque, post dated is acceptable, and send it to our mailing address (found at the bottom of the page).


E-transfer (Interac). This involves using your online banking feature within your own account. Once on the Interac page, enter St. John in the Wilderness as the “payee”, stjohnitwdonation@cogeco.net as the email, then the amount, and send. Once the church receives the notification, it is accepted and your donation is then transferred to our bank account. You will receive an “accepted” email, and this amount will be included in the tax receipts issued once a year in January.


If you would like to make a donation but aren't sure how to proceed, or if you have any questions, please contact our office!