September 22 2019.               Fifteenth Sunday of Pentecost.                                                                           Service times, 8:00 am and 10:30 AM.                                                                       Minutes from Aug 8 special board meeting on same sex marriage.       
                                                                   Message from Father Rishi: This summer, we had a four week meditation training group. It was open to persons of all faiths, or of no particular faith at all. It required no previous meditation experience. The turnout was very good, and those who attended expressed interest in an ongoing meditation group of this sort at the church.  So I am beginning to organize that. 
The first thing I need to figure out is what days and times would be best for those who would like to attend. I've put together a short online survey to help pull that information together.
If you think you might be interested in attending a group of this sort, please "click" on the link below and fill out the short survey for me. (If you're not interested, just wish us all the best and delete this.)
Here is the link:                                                                                             

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St John in the Wilderness Anglican Church Brights Grove

2896 Old Lakeshore Rd., Bright’s Grove, ON, N0N 1C0  

Established 1857

Rector: The Reverend Shaun Eaton

The Ministers: The People of St. John in the Wilderness 

Organist: Susan Halliday

Music Director: Mr. Brenden Fraser 

Secretary: Ms Heather Holbrook 

Phone: 519-869-2403 



Want to bring your electronic device to church? The Wifi password at St John in the Wilderness is $Churchisgreat1


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